Off-Ice Camp Tests GB Women

Great Britain Women attended their mid-season off-ice camp at the University of Gloucester last weekend.

The GB side went through an extensive program and were subjected to the now routine tests, which enable the staff to see where the program is going in terms of national and, more importantly, international standards.

Physios Kirsty Hopgood and Kate Evans introduced new programs to allow the players to monitor their own physical and mental well-being.

Jake Jones, who had screened the players’ movement patterns at the last camp, went through the results and the suggested improvements with each individual player.

Dr Jonathan Hughes oversaw the strength and conditioning sessions with the University of Gloucester staff and students, as they ran the players through their next six to eight-week daily conditioning.

Head coach, Paul Burton, said: “The squad has already nicknamed the S&C gym ‘The House of Pain’ – with very good reasons.

“For the first time we now have accurate data on the players, gathered over a period of time, which will allow us to continue to set individual goals and minimum standards for the future.

“All the staff are encouraged by the results we are seeing. The data is showing that the girls are becoming fitter, stronger and more focused.”

The GB Women squad will meet again on the 22nd November for a camp at Ice Sheffield.