GB Women Off-Ice Camp

Great Britain Women are holding a mid-season off-ice camp at the University of Gloucester this weekend.

The camp will enable all the staff to assess the progress the players have been making.

GB Women are building up for next year’s World Championship (Division 2A) tournament, which is being held in Dumfries in March 2015.

Head coach, Paul Burton, said: “Over the past three months the players have been returning daily updates of their strength and conditioning to the strength and conditioning staff.

“We are getting back work plans of what they need to be doing in terms of work load, rest, recuperation and so on.

“This weekend will also see the first 100 pucks-a-day data being returned.

“Every player is required to be shooting a minimum 100 pucks per day following the set guidelines in regard to technique and then fill in monthly updates.

“The girls are in good condition and the under-18s that have been selected are stepping up to the tasks we have set.

“We have a camp in November followed by our camp in December, which will see the overseas players who are involved with the programme return.”