Perlini and O’Connor Claim Tournament Awards

After the last game of the tournament on Saturday night, it was time for the individual Player awards. Great Britain’s Brett Perlini was voted the Most Valuable Player of the tournament.

It was a tight race but Perlini, co-scoring leader within Great Britain together with Ben O’Connor, was voted MVP by media representatives from the participating countries. He also led the All-Star Forwards before the tournament’s scoring leader Roman Starchenko (6 goals, 2 assists) from Kazakhstan and Hungarian forward Balazs Sebok.

Hungary’s Adam Vay was voted Best Goaltender by both the tournament directorate and in the media’s All-Star Team.

Great Britain’s Ben O’Connor was voted as Best Defenceman by the directorate and is joined on the All-Star Team by Sabahudin Kovacevic from Slovenia.

The members of the Great Britain Supporters Club named Brett Perlini as their Player of the Tournament, ahead of Ben Bowns (2nd) and Ben O’Connor (3rd)

Individual Awards (selected by the tournament directorate)
Best Goalkeeper: Adam Vay, Hungary
Best Defenceman: Ben O’Connor, Great Britain
Best Forward: Jan Urbas, Slovenia

All-Star Team (selected by the media)
GK: Adam Vay, Hungary
DE: Ben O’Connor, Great Britain
DE: Sabahudin Kovacevic, Slovenia
FW: Brett Perlini, Great Britain
FW: Roman Starchenko, Kazakhstan
FW: Balazs Sebok, Hungary

Most Valuable Player (selected by the media)
Brett Perlini, Great Britain

GBSC Player of the Tournament (Selected by GBSC members)
Brett Perlini