Mosey: GB Debut Was Special

Nottingham Panthers forward Evan Mosey says making his Great Britain debut at the National Ice Centre was “so special”.

GB lost 4-3 to Poland last night with the winning goal coming only 11 seconds from the end of overtime in the first of two international matches between the two sides this weekend.

Mosey, who won the playoffs with Nottingham in the same building less than a week ago, said: “It was very special making my debut.

“It is something that has been one of my goals for a long time.

“My family were so excited about it. My grandma was born in England, as was my grandad who passed away recently.

“To stand there with my GB shirt on during the National Anthem was amazing.

“It was a new style of hockey for me and something I have never experienced before.

“It is a steep learning curve but something I really enjoyed.”

The two sides meet again today (Sunday) in Coventry’s Skydome Arena at 5:15pm.

GB against Poland faces-off at 5:15pm and limited tickets are available here

If you can’t get to the game, a webcast is available. Click here to buy