McDonald’s Announced As IHUK Media Partner

Ice Hockey UK are pleased to announced that McDonald’s have become their official media partner.

The tie-up with McDonald’s – through their restaurants in Nottingham – will see franchisee Jerry Nicholls and the restaurant chain sponsor Ice Hockey UK’s media output, which will include IHUK TV, IHUK Radio and online.

McDonald’s are also sponsoring the upcoming Great Britain against Poland games, which will involve the famous Golden Arches logo and the Ronald McDonald House charity logo being displayed on GB’s shirts.

Jerry Nicholls said: “Hockey is a great sport for the family to watch and I am delighted that the McDonald’s brand can be associated with it.

“Even more so when we can help support the national team.”

Ice Hockey UK general secretary, Andy French, said: “It is fantastic that we have McDonald’s on board to be our media partner.

“They are one of the most recognised brands in the world and it is great they are supporting GB ice hockey at all levels.

“I would like to thank Jerry for putting his support to Ice Hockey UK and GB and we look forward to working with him in the coming years.

“Our media output is very important to us and in the coming months we will be in Dumfries and Netherlands for the men and women’s tournaments.”

Jerry is pictured with David Clarke and Stevie Lee with some limited-edition GB towels