Great Britain Women’s goaltenders underwent a development day as part of a one-day camp in Nottingham at the weekend.

It was led by GB Women’s Netminding Coach Dave Clancy, as well as Danny Milton (GB U18 Women), John Russell (GB U16 Women) and Kelly Bradford (Peterborough).

Goalies from all age groups attended the camp which included on and off-ice sessions.

Clancy said: “I can’t express how happy we all were with the effort and commitment put in from all the athletes.

“It was a fantastic day and superb to get so many GB goalies on ice at the same time.

“Netminders are a crucial part of any national team and it was important to get them on the ice to help with their future development.”

The off-ice sessions included eye speed and reaction timing with Colin Booth (MG1 Elite Performance), while therapist Shannon Schneider outlined the importance of the muscles in the lower part of the body, keeping athletes fit and flexible.

The coaching staff from GB Women, GB U18 Women and GB U16 Women were all in attendance.

“I would like to thank everyone from the GB programme who helped make this event such a success,” added Clancy.

“Not only the coaches for their input, but we also had some senior players give up their time to shoot on the goalies and provide valuable support.

“I’d also like to thank Claire Rowbotham, Louise Capps, Andy French and Ryan Rathbone for their help with the organisation of the event and securing the venue.”